The Glamorous side of elegance

An iconic grade grand piano that can be customized with the most exclusive selection of high gloss polyester colors or veneer finishes in a semi-transparent version with a matching frame and soundboard color.

Customized Images

Lucid Panoramic

Panoramic & Extreme

Capture your favorite images in the body of this customizable instrument. A semi-transparent version where the inner rim is decorated with different variations of panoramic images with matching frame and soundboard or a shrink wrapped fantasy that will decorate your most sophisticated leisure space.

Customized Images

Lucid Elegance Digital

An impressive Grand Piano

As the highlight of the Blüthner digital piano series, the e-Klavier–Digital Grand boasts an elegant Grand Piano case fully customizable with a built-in acoustic soundboard, as well as an impressive high-end speaker system, Bluetooth connectivity and the most advanced operating concept.

Lucid Elegance Upright

An unique enjoyable design

Lucid Elegance semi transparent Upright piano will let you understand the functioning of every component hidden inside your piano and will make you enjoy the marvels of this beautiful Blüthner manufactured Pianoforte.

Each and every Lucid Grand Piano is handcrafted to your personalized specifications, no matter how exquisite and demanding your requests. The Customized Variations are just an example of the possibilities.