Skilled craftsmanship, in unison with premium quality components that embrace the tonal philosophy of Blüthner, combined with the futuristic language of de- sign, have produced the extraordinary in Piano Manufacturing Excellence:

A Lucid Piano is a perfect addition to any sophisticated home. It combines the beauty of modern acrylic design with the excellence in performance that is expected from an instrument manufac- tured by Blüthner.
The craftsmanship of a Blüthner piano is unparalleled. The use of the Blüthner-patented Aliquot stringing method enhances the quality of our instruments by providing more depth to each note and creating a fuller sound. It is this stringing method that led the famous composer Tchaikovsky to exclaim: “Blüthner is the perfection of sound.”
Your Lucid Piano has the same performance characteristics as a standard Blüthner Piano. The use of acrylic, rather than wood provides stability against humidity and brings the design into the 21st century.